Valaran Chronicles Short Stories

Here are the current short stories in the Valaran Universe:

Parem is a prequel short story for Amalgam, and as such is part of the Valaran Chronicles.
The story is about Parem and Rowena, the parents of Hobs – my main character in Amalgam, follow their flight from the ruins of Angel City, to their arrival at Redwood and the birth of Hobs. Witness the hardships of the journey, their joy, their rejection as the struggle to fit in.
This is the first of two short stories, whose purpose is to add some back story into the characters of Ren and Parem. I also introduce some characters who you will come to know as the Valaran Chronicles continue to unfold.

This short story continues where Parem left off, and chronicles the friendship of Parem and Ren and the events up to the great plague that decimated the town of Redwood.
After the death of his friends, Ren takes Hobs and raises him as his own son.
This story will take you to the events portrayed in Amalgam, The Valaran Chronicles Book 1.

The story of Abigail explores her transformation from widow and mother to the leader of the community of Redwood.  Together with Hobs she seeks to improve the lives of her community.We will see more of Jake and learn more about how he fits into the storyline. Abigail

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