Primal Duality

A Quantum Duality Book.

Primal Duality is finally out for Kindle.  Soon to be out on iBooks, Kobo and Nook.PDuality-sm

The printed version will be available on Amazon thanks to CreateSpace.  If you want a signed copy, I will procure and sign (you provide cost of book and shipping).

A duality has occurred; it is an event that hasn’t happened in more years than the ancient woman can remember.  As with all dualities this one must be resolved – but what form will the resolution take.

A chance encounter turns Rick Brantford’s normal life upside down – will he be able to find the answers he needs in time?

OPP Constable Constance Whitt follows a series of brutal murders that takes her from the shore of Georgian Bay to the bustling streets of Toronto.  With the aid of Doctor Holly Anderson, will she be able to find and stop the elusive killer she is stalking?

A series of unsolved murders has kept Detective Jim Hanson busy; each one more bizarre than the prior.  Evidence points to the supernatural but Hanson has a hard time with that theory.

Who is Lilith? Is she what she claims or something more sinister? How does she fit into the puzzle that is unfolding?

Each of their paths will cross as an ancient legend is revealed to be walking among them – their lives will be forever changed as the truth behind the murders is revealed and the duality is resolved.

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If you, my fans, would like to help with book costs then take a moment to visit my funding page.

Also if anyone is interested in helping to make the cover better, let me know…

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