Amalgam, The Valaran Chronicles: Book 1

amalgamThe First Volume in the Valaran Chronicles is your launch into an epic adventure.

After a tragic accident, Hobs’ quiet life is changed forever. His body repaired, he is befriended by Archon, a relic of the long-lost Valaran Empire. As the result of his friendship, Hobs discovers his Valaran heritage and learns of a serious threat from an old enemy, the Scarian — a vicious reptilian species responsible for the genocide of the Valaran Empire.

In order to protect himself, his town and planet from this ancient enemy Hobs must challenge everything he holds to be true — embrace new knowledge and skills; and together with Archon, they must find a way to defeat the Scarian incursion and restore peace on this remote side of the galaxy.

Outskirts Press – RELEASED

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Reviews and Comments:

  • “Science fiction is a very difficult genre to do well, but you have done a good job with this book – I found it to be well written and exciting.”&nbsp-&nbsp Copy Editor
  • “This was such a good book and I am so glad I got it and I cannot wait for the sequel! It is very easy to read and I highly would recommend this book to anyone looking for new fresh science fiction – written with many unexpected, excellent turns and twists in every chapter. Well worth purchasing this great book.” – Jurginas
  • “Byron A. Wells has found a wonderful balance between SciFi world-building and well-drawn characters with satisfying relationships…I enjoyed each of the three different juxtaposed, yet interconnected stories/worlds the author has created…This was the perfect introduction to SciFi for me though I’m convinced there’s enough here for the die-hard SciFi fan to appreciate. I look forward to more from this very talented author. If that makes me a SciFi fan- so be it.” – Kelan O’Connell author of Delta Legend
  • “A must read for Sci-Fi fans…highly recommend it for any Sci-Fi reader. I cannot wait for the next book in the series and I can’t wait to see what Hobs gets into.” – Michael
  • “I thought that this book was very well written. It was nicely paced, easy to read and had an amazing storyline. Science-Fiction is not neccesarily my favorite genre, but I loved this book. It was compelling, and I loved Hobs.” – Natalie

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