Review: The Speed of Winter

The Speed of Winter (Four Seasons quintet, #1)The Speed of Winter by B. Morris Allen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Please note that my review of this book is subjective to my likes and dislikes.

The concept of the story was good. I found some of the science that the author introduced was interesting: aging in the sleep capsules; the mortality rates, etc. It was evident that Allen thought out what the consequences of the ‘new’ technology would be.

The pace of the story was very fast, spanning over sixty years I believe.

Elyse Andreev – she is the main character, the daughter of Dmitri Andreev and Aline Saracu
Arek Khachatryan – Lieutenant for the space flight, cared for Elyse after the death of her parents

Humans have polluted earth and need to find new homes. Ships are being sent to various planets that have the ‘possibility’ of supporting life. Unfortunately, the planet in the story has extremely harsh conditions, and is not fully habitable. The story looks at the despair that occurs and the depths humanity can sink to in the face of extreme adversity.

The story was quite short and left me wanting more of the gaps filled in. For example, more could have been included regarding why Elyse’s parents decided to break the rules; more on why humans have to use the artificial wombs that the author repeatedly referred to – what event(s) occurred that made them necessary? There were large gaps in time that leave you wondering what occurred…

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