Review: Blood Heavy – Ascension

Blood Heavy: AscensionBlood Heavy: Ascension by S.L.J. Shortt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Please note that my review of this book is subjective to my likes and dislikes.

Blood Heavy: Ascension continues the story from Blood Heavy. Shortt continues the adventure with his over the top paranormals, making it an entertaining read.


The characters you came to love from the first book are still there; the main characters of Jerry and Goose are exaggerated even more in this story (which makes it fun).

Joe still plays a role as well as Claire, Cassandra, and the rest of the vamps from the first book.

There is a high body count in this story, including the killing off of some characters that I thought were key. Additionally, you are are introduced to a new bad ass character with intentions on Jerry.


The pace of the story is rapid, complete with the humor and sarcasm you will have come to expect after the first book. Plus, You finally find out who the red headed woman at the end of the first book is.

Jerry and Goose have become hard core paranormal hunters, the problem is that they have come to the attention of the FBI. Jerry’s “protector” is still there and killing potential enemies and remains a major concern for Sophinia and the rest of the vamps trying to keep Jerry alive.

We still don’t have a clear idea of why his blood is so important, but Shortt started giving us a glimpse of the reason.

If you like paranormal it is worth a read.
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Review: Blackstone & Brenwen: The Mirror & The Meretrix

Blackstone & Brenwen: The Mirror & The MeretrixBlackstone & Brenwen: The Mirror & The Meretrix by Andrew D. Mellusco

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note: This review is my opinion, and it is skewed to my likes and preferences.

I am rating this book 3.75 of 5.


This book has every fairy tale you’ve ever read and then some laced throughout its pages. It was light-hearted read.


Elliot Blackstone – half-angelic attorney and womanizer. He is employed by Blackstone and Associates located in Tartarus.

Epona Brenwen – Elliot’s trainee partner, a centaur

Abigail Hood – Red Riding Hood, the victim accused of the murder of Hansel, and former love of Elliot.

Hansel – the victim, aka – did you really think I would give you a spoiler this huge?!?

Vincent Traum – A sandman, associate and friend of Elliot. He assists Fury with her case, and ends up helping Elliot on Abigail’s trial.

Fury – A fire nymph and insurance lawyer with the firm, her case overlaps Elliot’s defense of Abigail.

This story contains every fairytale you’ve ever read and twisted them some…well actually quite a bit, lol. Abigail Hood has been accused of the murder of Hansel. Who is this mysterious Hansel?

Enter Elliot Blackstone who volunteers to defend his former love. Elliot along with Epona, Vincent and Fury must risk it all to find the facts of the case; a case which takes them from the depths of the arbour tree to the throne room of the King and Queen of Delator.

There were quite a few enjoyable things in the story; Red Rose and Snow White are assassins; the seven dwarfs are renegade dwarf giants and the list goes on.

While not an “edge of your seat” book, it was a fun, different read.


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