Promoting your book in your home town…

Man it has been a while since I updated my blog.  I have been deep into a basement renovation project which is now, happily to say, almost done.

Just a few comments on promoting your book in your home town.  I think the idea has merit…unless you live in Uxbridge, Ontario.  I have found zero interest in my home town!

We have two papers, The Uxbridge Times and Cosmos.  The Times didn’t return any of my phone calls, and Cosmos after the third inquiry FINALLY replied – “Are you a high school or college student?”  What does that have to do with writing a book?  After I replied, they are silent once more.

The other venues in my home town that I had available were the public library and an independent bookstore.  So far, after multiple visits, I have yet to speak with the owner of the bookstore where I did leave the copy of my book with my phone number inside – again no response.

I must be missing something, but for the life of me can’t figure it out.  I have been polite and professional in all my phone calls and correspondence…

What have your experiences been like?  What suggestions might you have for getting noticed in your home town?

Looking forward to comments.

Review of The Moon Dwellers

The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1)The Moon Dwellers by David Estes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note: This review is my opinion, and it is skewed to my likes and preferences

I have chosen to rate this book at 4 stars.

While the story is a bit simple, I enjoyed it. Estes created a believable underground world and caste system.


Adele – she is the main female character and super martial arts bad-ass (well my opinion, lol). We first meet her as she is hauled off to the “Pen” because of something her parents did. She has been trained to fight by her father and is a survivor.

Tristan – he is the son of the president of the three realms. It is love at first glance when he first sees Adele, and the story revolves around his desire to save her. He is against how his father runs the three realms.

Roc – Tristan’s servant, but also his best friend. He is learning how to fight from Tristan, and always seems to offer good advice.

Tawni – befriends Adele in the Pen for reasons of her own which you find out as the story progresses.

Cole – Tawni’s best friend and protector. He extends his role of protector to Adele when Tawni befriends her.

President Nailin – leader of the three realms, rules them with an iron fist, while carving out a elite class around himself.


A disaster has struck the Earth hundreds of years prior forcing the survivors to move underground in order to survive. Over the years the initial caverns have been expanded and new one have been excavated to form an intricate network. A cast system had formed based on how far you live from the surface – this system is the three realms: Sun, Moon and Star. The names are derived from how much light each realm receives, with the Sun Realm receiving the lions share.

The story follows Tristan and his fight to save Adele. While predictable at times, the story kept a fast pace and kept me interested enough to want to read the next installment. This is a story all ages, and I would have no problem giving it to my kids to read.
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Review The Grimoire: Lichgates

The Grimoire: LichgatesThe Grimoire: Lichgates by S. M. Boyce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note: This review is my opinion, and it is skewed to my likes and preferences

I have chosen to rate this book 4 stars. I would have given it a higher rank but I found parts of the book didn’t flow well.

The comment above aside, I found the book interesting and look forward to the next in the series. Boyce did a good job creating her world, and the various races that inhabited it. She created her own rules for magic, and held herself to them. The pace of the book is good, where the only places it slowed a bit was in the descriptions.


Kara – transported to the world of Ourea she inadvertently because ‘the Vagabond’, the story is her journey to embrace what that means, to work through prejudices and hostilities as she deals with the loss of those closest to her.

Braeden – Prince of Stele living in a self-imposed exile as he struggles to overcome who he is intended to be. He becomes Kara’s protector in Ourea.

Deirdre – an Isen, or soul stealer. She captured Kara upon her arrival to Ourea and now wants Kara’s soul.

Bloods – Rules of the various clans of Yakona, the races that compose Ourea. The people of their realm are tied to the Blood that rules them, and they can exert their will over their people.

Blood Heir – there is only one heir at any given time to a Blood.


The character development was well done. Boyce did a good job taking a young, frightened Kara and molding her into the confident Vagabond which we see at the end of the story. She has control of the Grimoire, which everyone seems to want.

We learn more of Braeden and what his inmost desire is, and his decision to be Kara’s protector – but is it for her, or for himself.

The story follows her introduction to Ourea, and her quest to visit each of the major races of Yakona; it follows the power struggles among the Bloods as they come to grips with the new Vagabond.

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