Review of Reel Estate Rip-Off

Reel Estate Rip-Off (Reed Ferguson mystery series #2)Reel Estate Rip-Off by Renee Pawlish

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note: This review is my opinion, and it is skewed to my likes and preferences.

I have chosen to give this book a rating of (3.75 / 5) for a few reasons:

1. Personally I found the story a bit predictable – however, it was still entertaining to read since you didn’t have to follow a ton of convoluted threads…

2. I found it reminded of the old dime store detective novels, or the old detective movies – don’t get me wrong, some like that style of books or maybe that was the intent all along.

Characters – Henri and Evaline were the most believable characters in the book to me, yet they were minor cast members. Ace and Deuce (god I hope they have real names) were there to provide some comic relief. The Ex was setup for you to hate from the start. The love interest could have been developed more. Reed was the casual, laid back detective.

If I had read the first book, then I might have had more insight into the cast. So to be totally fair, I might make sense to read the books in order.

Story – The story read very much like an old detective movie, which I have watched many. This may be why the story seemed predictable. Short of giving a spoiler which I hate, the story seemed to press you into believing a certain character was the killer when everything in me knew otherwise.

I will give due credit though for the following:

1. Pawlish did a fantastic job of bring all the loose threads to a solid conclusion, even threads I hadn’t caught – nothing was left hanging.

2. She definitely did her research in regards to the movies.

In reviewing the authors Bio, it was stated “From the time she was ten and tried to write her own detective series in the fashion of the Hardy Boys”. If that was the intent of this book, then I would say she succeeded. The book reminded me of light-hearted sleuth books of that genre.

Taking what I wrote above into account the book was still a fun, light-hearted read. If you enjoy dime store detective novels, or series like The Hardy Boys or The Three Investigators you will enjoy reading this.

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